Food Projects

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As part of our aim to encourage people to eat a healthier diet we offer a number of healthy cooking classes and nutrition courses.

Basic Healthy cooking classes

This course adopts a supported self-help approach aimed at people who have expereince of cooking and would like a challenge or to gain new ideas. The course consists of six two hour sessions we ask for a donation of £3.50 per session towards the costs of the ingredients.  All who attend the course will be offered the opportunity to attend a CIEH accredited Food Safety course free of charge.

Healthy Cooking Demonstrations

We offer healthy cooking demonstrations to small groups of all ages to raise awareness of healthy eating and to encourage people to get involved in cooking from scratch and not to rely on ready meals.  The demonstrations will enable participants to share ideas and learn new recipes and to taste foods they may not have tried before.

Chartered Institute of Environmental health (CIEH) Nutrition Training courses

Introductory (Level 1) Award in Nutrition - this course provides a good basic understanding of the relationship between diet, health and disease and the principles and importance of a well-balanced diet. Anyone interested in improving their diet would benefit from this course.

Foundation (Level 2) Award in healthier Food and Special Diets - this course provides a good basic understanding of nutrition and how to apply this to menu planning and making a healthier and more informed choice at home or at work for you, your family or community groups.  People who may benefit from this course include - all employees in catering involved in menu planning, recipes and ingredients, people in health care and education or those hoping to get employment in these sectors, people supporting others with nutrition or menu planning and people with an interest in nutrition and cooking.

CIEH Food Safety Training

Introductory (Level 1) Award in Food Safety - training is important because it develops an awareness of key food safety issues and provides employees with an induction of food hygiene, prior to undertaking level 2 Award in Food Safety.  The course provides essential tips and guidance into preparing and cooking food safely in the home.

Foundation (Level 2) Award in Food Safety in Catering - training is aimed at anyone working in a catering setting where food is prepared, handled and cooked.  The training is important because everyone who works with food has a special responsibility for safeguarding the health of consumers and ensuring the food they serve or sell is perfectly safe to eat.  This will be achieved through learning the importance of food safety, gaining knowledge of the systems, techniques and procedures involved, understanding how to control food safety risks (personal hygiene, food storage, cooking and handling) and having the confidence and expertise to safely deliver quality foood to the customer.

For further information and costs for any of the courses please contact Malcolm Bannon Tel 0151 291 8029/8010